Term 2 - Food Science chemical reactions and Math Fractions

 What a busy start to our new term.  We've immediately begun investigating chemical reactions, including how food matter changes when combined and cooked.  Check out the gas reactions we had with combining lemon juice, vinegar or water with baking soda or baking powder.       We have also moved on to looking at fractions, especially their size and which are bigger or smaller that each other.  I can see it won't be long before we start sharing out jelly beans and cutting cake to work out how to share it evenly.

Jump - trampolining fun

 We had an awesome time at Jump on the final week of Term 1.  It seems like a long time since we had a school trip, and best of all, this trip wasn't dependent on the weather.  Just as well, as it was a rather wet and rainy day. Lots of us tried the different trampolines, but many of us found some that we really enjoyed, and perfected our jumping on some of them.  The Foam Pit was especially popular, with many of us jumping from different heights, or jousting. Thanks Whaea Rhoda and Mrs Southcombe for organising this trip for us.

Swimming lessons - day 1

 Today was our first day having swimming lessons for the year. We will have 2 weeks now, and another couple of weeks later in the year.   Fingers crossed there are no extra lockdowns that stop us from swimming this year, and that we remember to bring our togs each day.

Orbiting around the sun

 To get our ideas clear on how the Moon orbits Earth, while Earth orbits the Sun, we have tried to visualise it in a number of ways.   At times we have watched some of our classmates acting out and dancing orbits around the person acting as the Sun standing in the centre of the class.  We have also watched a classmate holding a Globe, while another person is trying to spin it, while they both walk around another person pretending to be the Sun. Finally we made our own models that showed the Moon and Earth orbiting around the Sun. For some of us, this was also new having to use split pins that meant our planet could go around in circles.  We had lots of help from each other to make these, which was really great.

Week 7 update

 There is much excitement in Room 26 with a Solar System jigsaw puzzle underway. At different times of the day, a few extra pieces are added, but with 500 pieces to sort through, it may take a bit longer before we can show the finished picture.  Great way of helping us visualise the planets in the Solar System that we have been finding out about. Maths has also been very hands on.  We are using centimetre cubes, 10 centimetre cube strips and 100 centimetre cube blocks to fill container spaces.  This is really helping us see what the capacity of containers are.  Our challenge for the end of the week was to see how big a 1 meter cube was - we're still working on the idea of this to work out the capacity of our class.  Getting the floor surface is slightly easier, but having to work out the height of our class is   something else.   

And just like that we were into learning

 It has been a busy few weeks, not helped by the changing class numbers as families isolate.  We have had the chance though to review the 5Ws and H, work on extending a sentence to give it more detail for our readers, and now naming the parts in a sentence that actually provides the detail - verb/adverbs and nouns/adjectives. For art we have been mastering our scissor skills to create artwork using both positive and negative space: the art medium of Notan. And even in maths, working on our number skills; reading and understanding maths word problems; while also recognising how making models both out of equipment or in drawings can help us solidify and prove our ideas to solve the question. Lastly, it has been taking us some time to settle into what to do independently during our Daily 5 Reading programme.  Fingers crossed for being ready to work on this so that others can start their group reading. What we've been up to   and pingpong toss click on these video links to see us in a

Welcome to Room 26, 2022 - Year of the Tiger

 Hello and welcome to 2022's Room 26. Our first week has really given us a chance to settle in smoothly with 2 days in our first week, and 4 days in our second.  Definitely a good transition period for our new class. We have talked to each other about what we need to help us do our Mahi.  The aim by the end of Week 2 is to have created a Mahi agreement that we can use to support each other, and also know what each of us expect from each other. We are also starting to make the class walls our own, creating About Me visual posters for display.  And we have been set a reading challenge, with the aim of reading a book that then gets recorded on a leaf.  We really want lots of leaves so that our book character Jack can climb the beanstalk to the Giant's castle.  To make sure we have a stalk to add out leaves to, we split up and given 1 sheet of paper that we tried to make the longest paper chain from.  It certainly was interesting to see the range of ideas and ways the groups were m